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Digital Signage Installation – Software and Hardware

Digital Signage Services in the North East

At HN Storey we recognize that Digital Signage is now revolutionizing the way schools and businesses operate across the North East. The way in which we now communicate has changed dramatically over the years. The way we display information to internal and external customers has also evolved.

How often do you spend money as a business buying leaflets and flyers only to realize that they are soon out of date and wasted?

Now imagine being able to update all the posters, flyers and notice boards that you have across your business with just a few mouse clicks. With digital signage you can have animations, make the text move, show live TV. Generally improve the visibility of the information you want to display to the public and potential clients.

HN Storey is focused on helping clients realize the benefits of digital signage in today’s business marketplace. The advantages it can bring to your business or school can help maximize your overall return on investment.

Our digital signage solutions are based around a display device or multiple displays. These show changing videos, graphics, text, messages as well as animation. This is a dynamic system, which can include plasma, LCD displays and projectors and used as part of your companies marketing.

Our digital signage installations offer:

Control of multiple screens in different locations if required such as supermarkets, calls Centre’s, shopping Centre’s etc.

You will have the ability to play recorded and live video, display text and messages. You can schedule content to be shown at certain times of the day and deliver targeted messages direct to your customers.

You can use the digital signage systems to give directions for conferences. Inform people of room layouts and seating arrangements or simply useful information.

Our systems also give you the ability to integrate video feeds from video conferencing calls either live or pre recorded.

Scalable solutions

H.N.STOREY are delivering scalable solutions that enable companies to profit from deploying the full range of available media. Our Systems have been installed in: 

National Supermarkets, 
Airports, Railway Stations, 
Corporate Foyers 
Bars, Pubs, 
Call Centre’s, 
Sports venues ,
Retail shops ,
Schools, Colleges and Universities throughout the North East.

Our team will be happy to come out and give you a free no obligation assessment of your premises and free quotation.