IPTV Systems

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IPTV Installation & Design

IPTV (Internet Protocol television) installation in both businesses large and small. Enables the delivery of real-time news to inform decision makers, broadcasts to staff desktops and the distribution of company information in public areas. They also offer simple and unified delivery of training, and staff entertainment.

An IPTV installation is a flexible way to distribute live TV, satellite and other video streams throughout a building with an existing data network.

The IPTV systems are suitable to almost any building, including offices, hotels, schools or colleges, Our IPTV systems offer many advantages over traditional networks such as:

• Immediate access to live TV from any PC on the network.
• TV’s can be plugged in to any data point.
• No need for coaxial cabling.
• Satellite, digital and internal video streams integrated into one system.
• The provision for a centralised TV, video on demand, digital signage and much more.

What is an IPTV installation and how is it used in the business environment?

Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV installation, refers to television that is distributed over an IP network. The same kind of network we use to surf the internet and exchange emails.

We use a system called by our 1,000+ customers. This helps deliver training, company information, company broadcasts, news feeds and other TV content. This is all around a corporate LAN to individual display points or staff PCs.

Our IPTV systems can provides an end-to-end solution for corporate IPTV. This helps enable external and internal communications systems to be installed rapidly and without the risk of conflicting standards. The corporate IPTV systems replace the traditional notice board or paper-based communications. The entire corporate IPTV system can be controlled from a single PC either remotely or in-house.

Why are organisations adopting IPTV Systems?

When it comes to IPTV Systems, most organisations already have networks covering a building or campus that are capable of supporting a video distribution system.

This reduces both the initial cost of implementation and the cost of extending the IPTV network over time.

Many organisations are adopting IPTV because: 

Television and video can easily be supplied to all computers on a network. This in turn increases the staffs access to news and company information.

The same infrastructure can be used no matter how many channels or viewing devices are attached to the network. No special wiring or video distribution design is required.
Consistently high video quality is maintained regardless of the number of people using devices to view a channel.
 Costs can be reduced by converging IPTV with existing data networks.

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