Integrated Reception Systems

We offer a full range of communal TV installation services

IRS Systems in the North East

When it comes to communal tv systems installation. We offer a full service from Satellite and Aerial Installation through to the full cable installing, service and setup.

We work with a lot of clients installing their communal TV systems across the North East of England some of them include; Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Managing Agents, Property Developers, Architects and Consultants

Communal TV Integration

Our communal TV systems allows you to integrate your own feeds into the communal system. If you have an internal TV signals, such as a hotel TV channel Information or Billboard channels. We can integrate these into the one feed for your whole setup.

The benefits of communal TV

Our communal tv systems allow you to keep all of your tuning equipment in one secure location. Whilst removing the need for receivers to be installed at each location in your building. This in turn reduces the support of the system and simplifies the maintenance of your communal TV System.

Communal Aerial Systems

Communal Aerial Systems are often being found in Hotels, Offices, Blocks of Apartments, Hospitals, Local Authorities, and Residential Homes. These systems can support any scenario where you wish to feed your Satellite / Digital TV signal to multiple points throughout your building or organisation.

For more information on our digital communal TV systems, give us a call for a free no obligation survey.