Induction Loop Systems

From simple kits to complex building installations & DDA Compliance

Induction Loop Systems Installed in the North East

Induction loop systems otherwise known as Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems (A.F.I.L.S). These are used by hearing aid wearers to help them to hear clearly in difficult acoustic environments. For example; churches, theatres, reception areas, etc.

The Induction loops replace the sound path between the signal sound and the hearing aid with a magnetic field.

When a hearing aid is switched to the “T” position the microphone on the hearing aid is then disconnected. So the user simply hears what is being fed into the induction loop system, without any of the background noise.

The induction loop system consists of a loop of wire (hence the name) around the perimeter of the building. This is connected to a special amplifier which is, in turn, connected to the system. Unfortunately, the magnetic field is also picked by dynamic microphones and guitar pickups, which leads to feedback. The use of condenser microphones, and careful layout of the loop can eliminate both of these undesirable effects.

HN Storey have been designing and installing these type of systems to buildings throughout the North East for quite a few years. Not only design your induction loop system but also supply, install and service them throughout the North East of England. Our dedicated team can install induction loop systems in schools, colleges, community centres, doctors surgeries, hospitals, churches, theatres, museums, libraries, and many other premises.

At HN Storey we offer a flexible and innovative approach when it comes to installing our Induction Loop systems. In order that they blend elegantly and unobtrusively with modern surroundings whilst offering the latest in technology.

We offer full after sales service, support and maintenance contracts on all our induction Loop systems as well as a free initial site survey.

If you require further information on our Induction loop systems, give us a call today and our team will be happy to help.

Legal rulings oblige all publicly accessible facilities, including churches, to be fitted with an induction loop system for the benefit of hearing-aid users.

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