Access Control Systems

For a safer home or business

Access Control Systems in the North East

Access control systems are relevant and crucial to every business.

Whether you are a small business or a large organisation you need to not only protect your property and its assets. But also your staff to enable your business to grow and develop.

When it comes to security issues at HN Storey our team of experienced engineers are here to help and advise you each step of the way. With technology changing all the time, our customers expect much more than simply the locking or unlocking doors. Our team will do a full site survey of your premises and advise you on the best type of access control system to suit your businesses requirements.

Our Access control systems comprise of;

Smartcard systems

Our Smartcard systems are going much further than simply access control to your premises. These smart cards can not only give you access to your building but also your PC and allowing you the ability to purchase items within your company such as from a canteen or vending machine.

Biometric systems

At HN Storey our biometric systems can recognize a person via fingerprint, hand geometry, eye structure or even their voice pattern. This is one of the ultimate types of security when it comes to access control systems for security and protection. HN Storey can provide you with systems from the most basic access to control systems to advanced security and protection systems.

For a free no obligation site survey for access control systems call our North East office today on 0191 4879511