Satellite Installation

Satellite installations for homes & businesses

Satellite Installation in the North East

HN Storey has been carrying out Satellite installation throughout the North East. To both the domestic and commercial marketplaces. Whether you have already made the switch over to digital or you have not made the move yet. We can help improve your home or businesses entertainment experience.

Our highly trained engineers will install your satellite system in the quickest time with the least disruption to your home or business. If you have not switched on to digital yet then we can install Freesat, Freeview, Sky, Sky+, Sky HD and Sky Freesat digital systems.

Our Satellite installation services include the installation of TV, Satellite and Radio signal distribution in multiple dwelling units such as blocks of flats or commercial premises. All our engineers are CAI Approved SMATV installers.

We strive to achieve the best at all times for our customers, therefore we ensure our team of engineers are trained to the highest standards. This includes putting our team through the City and Guilds qualifications and the CAI certification in design and installation of signal distribution systems.

Communal satellite installations

When it comes to satellite installation within multiple occupancy buildings the satellite system, which may be used, is very different to the type we would use in a domestic single property. Communal satellite installations require an 80 cm dish installed with a specialized complex LNB attached. The LNB is quad cabled to a communal distribution-switching unit, which will then serve all the flats in the block.

Satellite signals are then delivered either at intermediate frequencies (IF) to enable the user to connect a satellite receiver to the system. Or at UHF where signals are processed at the head end using professional satellite receivers modulated to UHF frequencies. This then allows direct tuning of channels to televisions.

The latter type of system is popular for Hotels or any application where it is not practical to install individual satellite receivers to each outlet point. 

On completion, we can arrange direct with the resident their individual receiver requirements and subscription.

Domestic / single satellite installations

With domestic systems
 we can install Sky digital satellite systems. Using discreet and ascetically pleasing 44cm satellite receiving dishes configured with the latest Sky digital set top receiver boxes. These provide approximately two hundred channels both free to air and subscription channels.

HN Storey has served the commercial sector of the market and have a proven track record of quality installation work and second to none back up service.

If you are interested in having a Satellite installation in the North East, give us a call for a free survey today!