Sound Systems

For stores, supermarkets, shopping centres, bars,
hotels, restaurants, cinemas & theatres

Sound Systems for North East Businesses

HN Storey install sound systems, throughout the North East of England. The sound systems we install are suitable for stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, bars, hotels, theatres, cinemas and restaurants. The different types of sound systems we offer are; background music systems, mid ground music systems and foreground music systems. We also have different music source systems available to suit your requirements.

Background Music Sound Systems

Our background music sound systems are ideal to create ambience rather than entertainment. These are ideal for a dentists waiting room, Spa, Health Clubs, restaurants, bars or Hotels where background music is required. This type of sound system offers high quality audio reproduction at low levels

The installation of our zoned audio sound systems will also allow you to have separate audio sources in different areas of your building. We can also integrate a paging system which can be used for announcements.
We offer a full range of high quality audio sound solutions for our customers, offering sound input from just one zone to multiple zones throughout a building.

Midground Music Sound Systems

A midground sound system is ideal for a venue that wants to have louder, more detailed sound reproduction. These sound systems often employ a number of sub woofers to help give a better bass detail. They also have features for using microphones with external amplification. This also deliver higher levels of audio throughout your venue, but these sound systems also deliver a higher quality of bass.

Just like the background music sound systems, we can offer from a single zone to multiple zones throughout your building. The other advantage of the midground sound systems is that you can also have different volume levels and different audio in each room of your building.

Foreground Music Sound Systems

Our foreground music sound systems are ideal where live musical performances are required and DJ equipment for venues. These types of sound systems demand higher levels of volume and give a clear distortion-free sound. At HN Storey our foreground sound systems are tailored for your individual premises. Before we recommend this type of equipment one of our sound design team would do a site visit to discuss your exact requirements.

Quality Sound Systems

Here at HN Storey we want to offer our customers the best in quality sound installations. We can give you access to some of the world’s best audio visual equipment from well-known manufacturers.

Simply give our team a call today and we will be happy to come out and arrange a site visit to your North East premises.